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Meat Loaf Still Savory After Four Decades

Meat Loaf Still Savory After Four Decades

Meat Loaf has long been a staple of American cuisine and American rock. More than 35 years after Bat Out of Hell carried him to the top of the charts, the singer’s concert performances are as flavorful as ever. The 65-year-old musician puts 110 percent into every show he does, and rumor has it that his doctor has set a cap on the amount of time he is allowed to perform. Without such restrictions, Meat would surely continue shaking his fist and singing with all the energy of his youthful self until he collapsed.

According to the man himself, his last major album, Hell in a Handbasket, was his most personal. „It’s really the first record I’ve ever put out about how I feel about life and how I feel about what’s going on at the moment,” Meat Loaf confessed in a blog post on his website back in 2011. The statement may seem surprising given the emotional nature of the singer’s lyrics; his sentimental ballads of love and loss have been attributed to reminding middle-aged men that it’s OK to cry, or at least it’s OK to sing about crying.

He is most loved, of course, for his charisma and personality. His iconic performance as Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show stands out as a pivotal moment in which he crossed the bridge from musician to cultural icon.

The current tour is advertised as his last, so 2013 could be your last chance to see Meat Loaf in concert. However, farewell tours have a tendency to last a few years, so there may be future opportunities. Whether the man chooses to bow out after this tour or his doctor has to drag him offstage, nothing can darken his meaty legacy.


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